Essential Tools for Lawyers: What Should Be on Your Desk

Lawyers need a wide range of tools to help them navigate complex legal matters, communicate effectively with clients, and manage their workload efficiently. While every lawyer has their own unique toolkit, there are certain essential items that every legal professional should have on their desk. Here are five essential tools for lawyers: Legal research tools … Read more

Creating a Lasting Impact: The Power of Personal Branding

Personal branding is creating a unique identity and reputation for yourself in the minds of others. It’s the process of showcasing your strengths, values, and personality traits to differentiate yourself from others and build a strong presence in your field. Personal branding is more important than ever in today’s competitive and interconnected world. It can … Read more

Improving Attorney Client Service

Improving Client Service at Your Law Practice Attorneys are necessarily focused on cases, billable hours, and effective time management. To bring in new business, most rely on advertising and referrals from other attorneys and previous clients. However, the value of improving client service is often overlooked, although it can make a positive impact on client ... Read more

Florida Registered Agent

These Businesses Require a Florida Registered Agent Florida requires a registered agent and a registered office for every corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and limited partnership operating in Florida. Your business may be a domestic entity, meaning that it is organized in Florida. Or it may be a foreign entity, organized in another state, territory, ... Read more

Attorney Work Trends 2022

Attorney Work Trends Emerge from Pandemic As we continue to put the two-year pandemic in our rearview mirrors, trends have emerged among workers of all kinds, including lawyers. Clio has released its Legal Trends Report for 2022 and attorneys in South Florida and elsewhere may be interested in learning about some of the newest attorney ... Read more

Miami Tech Startups Win Funding

Miami Tech Startups Win Funding for Renewable Energy and Mental Telehealth Ventures Last month we announced that TechStars 2022 had included six South Florida startups for the first time. Techstars connects early-stage startups with funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, Miami Inno has shared additional startup news. This month, ... Read more

Miami Startups Find Early-Stage Support at Techstars Miami 2022

Miami Startups Invited to 2022 Accelerator Program Six South Florida startups will participate in Techstars Miami 2022. This is the first year Techstars included Miami among the cities recognized as incubators for early-stage ventures. In total, Techstars has helped more than 2,900 tech firms since 2016. Techstars connects early-stage startups with funding, mentoring, and networking ... Read more

7 Things Attorneys Need When Renting Law Office Space

There are seven things attorneys look for when renting law office space More than half of all attorneys in the U.S. work alone or in small firms, according to a 2020 ABA Legal Technology Survey. More than one-quarter of all practicing attorneys fly solo (26%). Another 30% work in small firms of 2-9 lawyers. For ... Read more

Four Steps to Better Law Office Security

Law Office Security:  Four Easy Steps to Improve Yours  Solo and small law offices generally lack the resources of larger corporate law firms. One of those resources is “the IT guy.” Information Technology (IT) professionals help keep corporate firms’ sensitive data secure by using various tools, technologies, and techniques. As a solo or smaller firm, ... Read more