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Marketing Your Law Firm to Generate Leads

How Attorneys Generate Leads This is part one in a series about marketing your law firm. Our first post addresses how attorneys generate new leads. It’s common practice for attorneys to refer clients to other attorneys. One example is when a client case requires a particular field of specialization. Another is when an attorney is […]

Non-billable Administrative Tasks Waste Time

Majority of Attorneys Say Becoming More Efficient is Key to Success There is no disputing the fact that lawyers do too many non-billable administrative tasks and not enough profitable work. The only dispute lies in which survey to believe. In terms of non-billable time, the numbers range from 28% to 48%, based on recent surveys […]

Inspiration for Attorneys in 2022

There’s plenty of inspiration for attorneys this year Attorneys are looking for inspiration in 2022. For ways to make this year better than the last. To be more productive, work fewer clerical hours and more billable hours, and just be better at what we do. Read the following inspirations and enjoy a better new year! […]

Certified Paralegals On Demand, Not on Payroll

Certified Paralegals Enhance Your Practice and Improve Your Productivity Working as an attorney can be very challenging. There are times when your case load demands the full range of law office support. And other times when all that support isn’t necessary. That’s why it makes sense to hire certified paralegals on an as-needed basis, rather […]

Why Attorneys Need Live Receptionist Services

Live receptionist services make sense for so many reasons, whether you’re a solo attorney, a small law office, or an enterprise law firm. The Do It Yourself Trap It’s a well-known fact that many attorneys, especially in solo and small firms, try to do a lot of non-attorney tasks themselves, thinking it will save time […]

Four Skills a Good Attorney Needs

Good attorneys possess certain skills that make them better lawyers. Some of these skills can be learned, and some can be developed over time, while others seem to be coded into a good attorney’s DNA. These skills are valued by clients, appreciated by judges and juries, and perhaps envied by peers. Let’s briefly examine four […]

Practicing Law Today in the U.S. and Florida – Part 1

Statistics show where attorneys are, how clients find them In this two-part article, we share statistics about practicing law today in the U.S., and in Florida specifically. Plus data you can act on to help clients find you faster. In Part 1, we’ll find out where attorneys are, how clients find attorneys, and how you […]

How Data Backups Save Money for Attorneys and Law Offices

When was the last time you backed up your data? Data backups performed on a regular, frequent basis provide peace of mind. They free you from ransomware pressures and the cost of paying a ransom to recover your data. Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed in the past two years, with small businesses suffering almost half of […]

Furnished Law Offices Make a Professional Statement

Think about the last time you met with a client. Where did you meet? Did the work environment make a professional statement to your client? And was all the support you needed available to you? Did you know that Legal Edge Services has been helping attorneys in South Florida practice law comfortably and productively for […]