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For a Professional Image and a Productive Work Environment

Executive suites at Legal Edge Services enable you to present a highly professional image, and be highly productive at the same time. Our offices are designed to help your clients feel comfortable that they’re doing business with a reputable attorney or other business professional. Because appearances are important.

Regardless of where you are in your growth, we know you’re serious about making sure your practice succeeds. To help you get there, you want executive-quality office space with access to professional concierge services at your fingertips. And that’s exactly what you get, and more, with executive suites at Legal Edge Services.

This is your executive suite

Your tasteful executive office space includes a modern desk, desk chair and side chairs. Spotless office carpeting. A desk lamp, phone and credenza may complete the space, and bookcases and other furniture options may be available on request. Corner offices, window offices, and interior offices are available to meet every need. All that’s missing is you!

Your executive suite is comfortable and welcoming, and can be personalized with your framed photos and desk accessories. And of course your computer, files, reference books and other resources.

Amenities at your fingertips

Your executive suite entitles you to use our modern, well-equipped kitchen. You’ll also have access to our state-of-the-art work station for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. As well as our private mailroom.

And, of course, you’ll have a full menu of legal support services and administrative services at your fingertips. Bundled, or a la carte. Scheduled, or on demand. Designed to meet every need, at every stage of your growth. Designed for your success.

Watch this brief video for an overview of our services.

Video Overview of Office Services

Designed for your success

More than half of new businesses, including new legal practices, hit their stride in the first five years, according to the research. They learn many lessons along the way, on the path to their success. And one of those lessons is the power of appearance in attracting new clients.

At Legal Edge Services, our modern, spacious executive suites are designed to make a great impression on your clients. Just as they’re designed to help you get more done during the business day. And that’s important to your success.