Improving Attorney Client Service

Lawyer consulting with client

Improving Client Service at Your Law Practice

Attorneys are necessarily focused on cases, billable hours, and effective time management. To bring in new business, most rely on advertising and referrals from other attorneys and previous clients. However, the value of improving client service is often overlooked, although it can make a positive impact on client acquisition and revenue. In his book Innovative Legal Services Applications: A Guide to Improved Client Services, Lawrence Pascoe offers numerous practical tips for improving attorney client service. Pascoe is an attorney in practice for more than 40 years, so he knows what he’s talking about. Below are four ways to enhance the client experience.

Organize Individual Client Manuals

Empower your clients by helping them to organize all of their case documents or legal matter material. It can be a three-ring binder or a digital version in a secure online client portal. Set it up into appropriate sections so the client can maintain an organized file rather than having to cope with a messy stack of papers and envelopes from you. Add further value by including a section of educational articles and instructive memos that may bear on your client’s matter. This information should repeat or supplement what you have orally advised during consultations.

Create More Interactive Meetings

Engage your clients by making in-person meetings more productive through large client-facing monitors that mirror your computer screen. Employ this form of “screen sharing” for all kinds of purposes. For example, when reviewing and changing draft documents with the client. Or when explaining the calculation of numbers for financial statements, support scenarios, and fee and disbursement estimates. And when completing checklists. The large monitors bring your client more fully into the process. They promote interactive meetings, which are preferred by a growing number of clients.  Want to make sure clients feel engaged in virtual meetings as well?  Polish up your skills in displaying and maneuvering documents on screen. Improving attorney client service involves both touch and tech.

Add a Client Portal to Your Website

Your website was probably created as an online brochure for your practice. However, it can also serve as an informational resource for clients and prospective clients. A resources tab can offer educational articles about the substantive law and processes for common legal matters, for example. Add a secure, password-protected client portal to gather and share information more efficiently. The portal enables clients to securely review documents, upload requested documents, and communicate with you. Through the portal, new clients can access and download intake questionnaires and discovery responses. Then, they can complete them on their own computers. This allows them more time to think about and collect the required information rather than trying to do so in your waiting room.

Stay in Touch with Clients

Just because you resolve a legal matter doesn’t mean you should forget about a client. Schedule an email to each client to check on their well-being several months after your representation. Add previous clients to your e-newsletter to keep them apprised of changes in laws that may affect them. These and similar client communications help continue your relationship, which can lead to referrals and more business as time goes by.

Many more insights and tips for improving attorney client service are available in Pascoe’s helpful book, along with examples of innovative service applications for law firms large and small.

Bonus Tip:  It’s important to supplement your client referral network. Don’t rely on just one means of generating new business. If your referral system enters a slow period, you’ll want to have a few marketing services in place to pick up the slack and sustain your business-building momentum. There are numerous ways to softly market your firm and services without expensive television advertising.

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