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A Variety of Notary Public Services at Your Fingertips

Notary public services are required by law to witness and authenticate certain documents and legal proceedings. Legal Edge Services makes it convenient to obtain notarizations at any of our offices.

All Legal Edge Services offices in South Florida employ active, certified notaries on staff. Following are some of the services they are authorized to provide for our clients’ convenience.

  • Witness and authenticate the execution of contracts, agreements, wills, and similar testamentary and legal documents
  • Administer oaths and affirmations, such as for depositions and other legal proceedings
  • Take affidavits and similar declarations
  • Take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances
  • Provide notice of foreign drafts
  • Prepare marine or ship’s protests where damages are involved
  • Perform certain other official acts.

Our notaries are fully authorized to authenticate these and similar documents by signing, dating, and affixing their official seal. These notary public services enable the documents to be acceptable to the authorities in the country where they are required.

Notary public services are required in certain legal matters

Because South Florida is the gateway to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, we are frequently called upon to witness and notarize international business transactions. In addition to notarizing certain contracts, agreements and other documents required to conduct business internationally. You can learn more at the official Florida Notary site.

If you’re unsure whether your document should be notarized, give us a call and one of our notaries will be happy to help you.

And if you require legal documents to be prepared, ask about our document preparation services.