For Effective, Money-Saving Meetings

Videoconferencing services are a great face-to-face meeting option. And it doesn’t matter whether you need to attend an out-of-state deposition, or bring in a witness, or have a translator handy.  Because we’ve got you covered.

One benefit of using videoconferencing is a live meeting experience, but without the live meeting expense.  You still connect with clients, prospects, witnesses and others conveniently and professionally. However, you avoid the cost of calling a cab, Uber or Lyft. Or having to drive and park, or book a flight.

For your convenience, all of our conference rooms and meeting spaces offer videoconferencing. Plus Zoom meetings and other options. And all meeting rooms are located at prestigious, Class A business addresses. If you need them, we also have break-out rooms.

Accomplish what you need to get done

Are you looking for more productivity and better results from your meetings? Well, videoconferencing delivers, regardless of the purpose of your meeting.

  • Long-distance depositions
  • Mediation meetings
  • Witness interviews
  • Employee recruitment interviews
  • Interactions with your clients or remote employees
  • Training sessions
  • Board meetings

A second benefit of videoconferencing is that you can read non-verbal signals, facial expressions and body language. As a result, you can be more effective and productive. And as you know, it’s impossible to see these signals on a phone call.

A full-service meeting experience

A third benefit of meeting at Legal Edge Services is that you’ll enjoy a complete experience. That’s because we offer a full spectrum of support. Following are a few examples:

  • Our staff will offer refreshments and help you get connected
  • You’ll have access to our full menu of meeting services
  • Multilingual staff onsite can translate conversations
  • Transcription services are also available
  • On-site administrative support available as needed
Videoconferencing is available in all of our meeting rooms

Reliable equipment and connections

Of course, one of the keys to a good videoconference is reliable equipment. We use business-grade Lifesize high-definition equipment, including 50” plasma TVs. All well-maintained. In addition, our system is web-based and compatible with Polycom for seamless service. Zoom and Skype available, too.

What all this means is that when you reserve videoconferencing services at Legal Edge Services, you’ll enjoy a great meeting. Every time. At every location.

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