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A Productive, Cost-Conscious Meeting Solution

Videoconferencing services are a great face-to-face meeting solution, whether you need to attend an out-of-state deposition or bring in a witness.

Videoconferences offer the benefits of live meetings without the expense. They enable you to connect with clients, prospects, witnesses and others conveniently and professionally. Without the expense of calling a cab, Uber or Lyft. Or having to drive and park, or book a flight.

Our conference rooms and meeting spaces are located at prestigious business addresses and are effective for meetings, legal depositions and interviews. We also have break-out rooms, if needed.

More productive meetings, better results

Our videoconferencing services can assure productivity and better results, regardless of the purpose of your meeting.

  • Long-distance depositions
  • Mediation meetings
  • Witness interviews
  • Employee recruitment interviews
  • Interactions with your clients or remote employees
  • Training sessions
  • Board meetings

Unlike phone meetings, with videoconferencing you’re able to read non-verbal signals, facial expressions and body language. As a result, you can be more effective.

Enjoy a full-service experience

When you conduct your videoconference at Legal Edge Services, you’ll be able to enjoy a complete experience. That’s because we provide a full spectrum of supporting services.

  • Our staff will offer refreshments and help you get connected
  • You’ll have access to our full menu of meeting services
  • Multilingual staff onsite can interpret conversations
  • Transcription services are also available
  • Request any administrative support you need to enhance your videoconferencing services and ensure a productive, successful meeting
Videoconferencing services offer the benefits of live meetings without the expense

Reliable equipment and connections

The key to a good videoconference is reliable equipment, and we use business-grade Lifesize high-definition equipment, including 50” plasma TVs. Our system is web-based and compatible with Polycom to deliver seamless videoconferencing services.

In sum, when you reserve videoconferencing services at Legal Edge Services, you’ll enjoy the most productive, reliable, cost-conscious meeting solution available anywhere.

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