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Virtual Paralegal Services

We’re here to make your work easier

Virtual paralegal services from Legal Edge Services transform the way you work. It doesn’t matter whether you work at home, on the road, or in the air. And regardless of your status: solo practice, small partnership, or just starting out. We can help you avoid permanent hiring, payroll, and benefits expenses. At least until your practice is large enough to warrant them.

And for firms well-established in their own offices, there are other benefits. Virtual paralegals and other virtual assistants can augment your own staff, and pick-up overflow. They can handle project work. And, in general, provide vital resources when you need them.

Reliable, expert assistance on demand

  • With our virtual paralegals, you get the services you need
  • Delivered on demand, or bundled with your office space
  • Including experienced legal support services, professional call answering, and other office assistance.
  • All services are provided by a single, dependable source: Legal Edge Services
  • And just one phone call, text, or email away from wherever you are

And do you know what happens when you’re not mired in legal research, or document prep? Or trying to juggle multiple service providers?  Well, you’re free to focus more fully on the success of your practice!

A smart alternative to permanent staff

Your virtual paralegal (or other virtual assistant, as needed) is part of a capable team of bilingual professionals. A smart and affordable alternative to adding an employee to payroll. Especially if you only need part-time help. And she will always be available during business hours, unlike traditional part-time contract staff.

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Sampling of our virtual services

  • Preparation of legal and case documents, contracts, reports, presentations and other materials
  • Copying, printing, scanning, faxing of documents, to your specifications
  • Collating, finishing and binding
  • Mailing and emailing of materials
  • Data entry, typing, and transcription services
  • Thorough legal research services
  • Full support for depositions, mediation, hearings and other proceedings
  • Virtual court reporting 
  • Legal bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivables management, billing and collections services
  • Making appointments and scheduling meetings
  • Taking and making reservations on your behalf
  • Professional call handling, with warm transfers
  • Message taking to your requirements, including translations
  • Registering or screening your clients

Our virtual paralegals offer a wide range of expert legal support. And our virtual assistants provide whatever administrative services you require. Call today to discuss your individual needs. We’ll send you a custom-priced package based on just the services you require. Upgrade or change services anytime.

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