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Legal bookkeeping professionals at Legal Edge Services act as skilled right hands for many of our clients. Their dedication gives you the time you need to work as an attorney, rather than as an accountant or a bookkeeper.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just building your practice, or have years of experience. There’s no need to let time-consuming legal bookkeeping tasks and laborious billing activities take you away from the business of law. Your focus should be on developing new business, nurturing existing clients, and using your time wisely to optimize ROI.

Professional bookkeeping and billing services for any size practice

Legal Edge Services staff are vetted, trustworthy, and highly experienced in managing payables, receivables, billing, taxes, payroll, licensing, and trust accounting for law firms large and small. They’re able to accurately handle all those details so you can fully focus on the priorities that demand your skill and talent.

Thanks to our legal bookkeeping professionals, you’ll never again have to wonder if that check was mailed out on time. Or if your payables are accurate, and your billing and receivables current. And you’ll know on any given day which client is delinquent, how much revenue is outstanding, and for how many days.

How we work and what we can do for you

Our staff are professionally trained in the QuickBooks product suite with its proven, up-to-the-minute software. Millions of accounting and bookkeeping professionals rely on QuickBooks every day, and the software is consistently rated #1 in its class. In addition to using top-rated software, our professionals work with the utmost care and attention to detail on your behalf. And they can produce a variety of invoices, statements, standard and custom reports, and charts on a scheduled basis, and on request.

Our legal bookkeeping professionals will work with any size law office to develop a customized bookkeeping solution, including legal billing and complete trust accounting services that ensure compliance. Our work is performed onsite at our Legal Edge Services offices, which provides an additional level of security for your sensitive financial information. And we are able to do so at a lower overall cost than you would pay a full-time bookkeeper on permanent staff.

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help your legal practice, or to request an office tour, call us at 305.728.5300 or email us at Info@LegalEdgeServices.com.