Miami Tech Startups Win Funding

Miami tech startups are all about research and design

Miami Tech Startups Win Funding for Renewable Energy and Mental Telehealth Ventures

Last month we announced that TechStars 2022 had included six South Florida startups for the first time. Techstars connects early-stage startups with funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, Miami Inno has shared additional startup news. This month, two Miami tech startups won funding that will enable them to pursue renewable energy and telehealth opportunities. Tech startups, especially early-stage startups, develop intellectual property around their innovations and may also seek patent protections for their inventions.

Miami Tech Startup to Deliver Mental Health Services to Medicaid Patients More Efficiently

Miami-based Brave Health raised $40 million in a Series C funding round led by venture capital firm Town Hall Ventures. Brave Health is a telehealth provider whose vision is to deliver mental health services to Medicaid patients. They will use the new funding to build the data and technology infrastructure required to provide this service. Town Hall Venture has dedicated a new $350 million fund to support healthcare access in underserved communities. Brave Health is the first startup to receive an investment from this fund, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Provide Renewable Energy More Economically

Another South Florida startup, Neptunya Ocean Power, is researching and designing prototypes for floating offshore wind turbines. That’s because floating turbines will produce wind energy more economically. Currently, fixed wind turbines must be built into the ocean floor. However, according to research by Rodrigo Griesi, most offshore wind energy potential lies in ocean areas too deep for traditional fixed turbines. Griesi is a Brazilian entrepreneur based in Boca Raton. This month, his early-stage technology efforts won the 2022 Cade Prize, granted by the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention in Gainesville. Through Neptunya, this visionary foresees a cleaner and more affordable renewable energy source for power utilities and consumers.

South Florida Loves its Entrepreneurs

South Florida has long welcomed and supported startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs. When Office Edge and Legal Edge Services were founded in 2000, our goal was to provide furnished office space and professional business services for local entrepreneurs, including Miami tech startups. Because we remain dedicated to helping them work productively, many have stayed with us even after growing successful businesses. We salute them and the countless other entrepreneurs who call South Florida home.

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