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Enhance Your Professional Image and Augment Your In-House Support

For attorneys who are already well-established in their own offices, a virtual office can augment your in-house support and enhance your productivity. For example, our virtual office solutions include professional call handling by courteous on-staff receptionists. Access to conference rooms, and deposition and mediation support. Additional paralegals when you need them. And many other services.

For attorneys in certain types of practices, who don’t have to see clients very often, a virtual office complements your home office. How? By providing the advantages of live receptionists, a professional business address, mailing services, access to conference rooms and day offices, and other resources when you need them.

Three questions to ask

Q: When you’re busy or away, are your calls being answered by a machine?  Or an impersonal answering service?   Now, have your calls handled by live receptionists who are friendly, courteous, and professional, with virtual office solutions from Legal Edge Services.

Q: Do you worry that you might be missing opportunities, or that your practice may appear too small? Our virtual office services mean you’ll never miss an opportunity again. Because your business will always appear professional, stable, and seriously capable.

Q: Is your business mail being sent to a P.O. Box, or to your home address?   Wouldn’t you rather have your mail sent to a physical office address in a prestigious office building, with a suite number? Your home address will be protected, and a P.O. Box won’t be raising needless concerns.

Additional services and benefits

Virtual office solutions deliver these substantial benefits – along with access to a complete suite of optional legal support services and office services. And every service is designed to help you be more successful, without adding effort or complexity.

As a virtual office client, you’ll also be welcome to reserve a conference room, schedule deposition space and support, or rent a furnished private office for a day or two.

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help your practice or other professional business, or to request an office tour, call us at 305.728.5300 or email us at Info@LegalEdgeServices.com.