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Reasons to Engage Our Transcription Services

Legal transcription services hold an important place in legal and judicial environments. That’s because not all legal proceedings have court reporters on hand. However, as long as there are audio or video recordings of the proceedings, legal transcriptions can be created by professional, experienced transcribers.

Legal transcriptions, whether paper or electronic, provide an accurate, verbatim record of courtroom proceedings, from witness testimonies to judicial decisions. They are also useful in these cases:

  • Depositions and mediation meetings
  • Interrogations and interviews
  • Phone conversations, including conference calls and wiretaps
  • Jury instructions
  • Attorneys’ dictated notes

Human transcribers are better than software

There are plenty of software programs available to transcribe voice recordings. However, these tend to be imperfect, lacking the human ability to detect nuances, dialects, regional accents, and the unique usages of English as a second language.

As a result, automated transcriptions are often less accurate than those performed by our skilled, experienced legal transcribers. In addition, our transcribers are multilingual, fluent in many forms of Spanish as well as other languages.

Another reason to use our transcription services

Legal transcription services from the Legal Edge Services team provide at least one additional, and very important, benefit. Typically, solo practitioners, two-partner firms and other small law practices lack the time and resources to perform their own transcriptions. However, our experienced transcribers can save you from this time-consuming and laborious task. And our services are remarkably affordable.

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