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Digital Court Reporting Has Transformed the Practice of Law

Digital court reporting services produce electronic records of depositions, hearings, legal proceedings, and corporate meetings.

At Legal Edge Services, we consistently deliver a highly accurate, cost-effective, and 100% reproducible audio-visual record. That’s because our professional court reporters are among the best in the business. Which is one of the reasons our Fort Lauderdale office was recognized for excellence in court reporting in 2019.

In-Person, Remote, and Hybrid Court Reporting Options

Legal Edge Services court reporting offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for every client. We support in-person, fully remote, and a hybrid court reporting solution that combines the best of in-person and remote court reporting. All of our court reporting options deliver the same high level of service, quality, and value.

Legal Edge Services recognized for excellence in Court Reporting services in 2019

The Advantages of Digital Video are Crystal Clear

Juries respond to the visual elements of testimony, interviews, and conversations. A clear audio-visual record delivers the impact of face-to-face interactions. As a result, you save time and money, avoid inconvenience, and increase your chances for success. For example, instead of paying expert witnesses to sit for hours in the courthouse, by recording them at their convenience you’ll pay only for their actual testimony.

Digital video can capture a deposition from individuals who may not be available when a case comes to trial. Video reveals much more than mere words on paper, by allowing the jury to see and hear the expressions, tone, and demeanor of witnesses.

Our professional court reporters are experts in their craft: accurate, professional, and experienced. Their digital court reporting services will far exceed your expectations. Which is why we have such a high percentage of regular, steady clients.

Digital court reporting services offer many benefits

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Benefits of our Digital Court Reporting Services

  • Digital video transcripts – Lugging a heavy transcript is ancient history, thanks to electronic transcripts!
  • Expedited delivery – Spend less time waiting for transcripts and more time planning, with our expedited delivery system.
  • Keyword indexing – Quickly find any topic or discussion with keyword indexing. Simply enter keywords and find all related information without delay.
  • Transcripts and exhibits on CD or Flash drive – Each transcript from Legal Edge Services comes with an ASCII transcript, with your exhibits on flash drive or CD. Which puts everything you need in easy reach.
  • Exhibit and transcript linking – Need to see an exhibit while reviewing a transcript? We can link all exhibits within the transcript, thus saving you time and making your job easier. Simply click the exhibit link within the transcript to view it.
  • Secure storage in the cloud – Digital records can be stored in your secure cloud-based repository and accessed from any Internet-enabled device.

To schedule Court Reporting Services send an email to or call us at 305.728.5300.

We also provide transcription services for a variety of other purposes. Request a quote today.

You can be confident that Legal Edge Services court reporters will provide an accurate record of your courtroom hearing, deposition, mediation, or other legal proceeding. Whether in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach county. At our offices, at your offices, or at the courthouse. It couldn’t be more convenient!

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