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Boutique Answering Service

A Professional Voice for Your Law Office

If you’ve been on the receiving end of poor call handling, you know how it feels. And you certainly don’t want to deliver poor service to your own clients. Our boutique answering service provides your clients, and you, with a welcome new experience.

Here are a few things your new experience will NOT include:

  • Voice mail jail
  • Getting transferred before you can explain your purpose
  • Agents who are difficult to understand, or having a really bad week
  • Distraction from dozens of other conversations in the background

Consistently professional call handling

The fact is, there is a better alternative than employing a large, impersonal answering service.  At Legal Edge Services, our boutique answering service ensures professional call handling by trained receptionists who are friendly, courteous, and helpful.  You can hear every smile, on every call. And so can your clients.

With courteous and friendly receptionists answering your calls, you’ll never lose another client due to unprofessional or unfriendly service.  Your callers will never know that your receptionists aren’t located right there in your office. Just like they’ll never know you’re on the road, or working at home…unless you want them to.

Wherever your practice or profession takes you, your boutique answering service will be there for you, just a phone call away. Contributing to your productivity and success with a better answer.

Because when you succeed, we succeed.