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We Make It Easier to do Business in South Florida

  • Hablamos Español
  • Nos falamos Portugues
  • My govorim po Russki
  • On parle Francais
  • And of course we speak English!

Legal Edge Services clients often require multilingual translations in order to conduct business successfully in South Florida. They may be solo attorneys, enterprise law firms, or other business professionals.

Our clients range from those who lease office space and conference rooms to those who subscribe to our services. It doesn’t matter whether they use our legal support services, or our professional office services, bundled or a la carte.

Multilingual translations are available to all, with fees based on word count and urgency.

It doesn’t matter what you need translated: documents, presentations, conversations, depositions, mediation meetings, interviews, or other legal proceedings. Our multilingual translations can convert from English to another language, or from a foreign language to English. Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian are the languages we’re most often hired to translate.

In addition, when it comes to Spanish, we’re familiar with the nuances of Cuban, Colombian, Nicaraguan, Panamanian, Venezuelan and other Central American and South American dialects.

Helping you thrive in the international economy

South Florida is the gateway to Latin America, it is said, and Miami has been called the Capital of South America. We’re proud to be part of this vibrant international region. And we’re pleased to be able to help start-up law firms and other business professionals engage in its thriving economy and exciting blend of cultures. Multilingual translations are just one way we make it happen.

Nuestros clientes a menudo requieren traducciones multilingües para realizar negocios con éxito, ya sean abogados independientes, bufetes de abogados de empresas o pequeñas empresas profesionales. Porque las traducciones multilingües hacen que sea más fácil hacer negocios en el sur de la Florida.