Law Office Support

Law Office Support

Law office support services from Legal Edge will set you free. Free from distractions and time-consuming clerical tasks. And, therefore, free to concentrate on growing your practice. That’s because our legal staff are fully experienced in the routine responsibilities of practice management. So they know how to serve your office expertly.

Our law office support staff include certified paralegals and certified court reporters. Notaries and registered agents. Skilled transcribers and translators. Detail-oriented bookkeepers and trust accountants. Deft document preparation specialists and masterful schedulers. They are organized, and they love what they do.

Watch this brief video for an introduction to Legal Edge Services.

Following are some of the law office support services we offer. And they can be bundled with your office space, or requested a la carte as needed. Please see corresponding pages for details about each service.

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You can also read about some of our services in this Press Release.

In addition to expert law office support services, we offer a complete menu of office and administrative services for your convenience. That’s because your law office is also a professional business. And it has the administrative support needs of a business. Therefore, you can rely on us for courteous call handling, boutique answering services, and live receptionists. For mail services, videoconferencing, and translation services. And much more.

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help your legal practice, or to request an office tour, call us at 305.728.5300 or email us at

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