Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Virtual services for court reporting, depositions, mediation and more without leaving home

Many attorneys are still working remotely because they aren’t ready to come into the office. Some aren’t comfortable appearing in court to plead cases or conduct live hearings. Others are reluctant to take face-to-face depositions or help families through mediation.

However, your clients still need these services from you. And they still need the benefit of your legal expertise, and your skills in listening and communicating.

This is why we created virtual law office support services for you. Specifically, the following four strategic virtual services are now available to assist you in working remotely. Our distinguished record in providing remote services earned us honors for Best Virtual Office Services in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Virtual legal support services assist attorneys who are working remotely


Virtual court reporting.

Our certified digital court reporters connect electronically with you, and other required parties, to transcribe legal proceedings and capture clear audio and video proceedings. They’ve earned a reputation as the most professional court reporters in the business by consistently creating accurate, cost-effective, 100% reproducible audio-visual records. In fact, our professional staff were recognized for Excellence in Court Reporting in 2019.

We use modern digital technology to expedite records, with fast delivery via CD or Flash drive. To provide easy cross-navigation, we electronically link exhibits and transcripts (regular and condensed). We add keyword indexing so that you can perform speedy searches. And we store it all securely in the cloud, readily available to authorized users. We also offer a hybrid court reporting solution that combines remote and in-person support.

Virtual depositions.

There’s no need to leave your home law office to conduct depositions. You can conveniently depose individuals anywhere, anytime using our interactive communication technologies. We offer Zoom, MS Teams, and other teleconferencing tools for your convenience. We also offer a hybrid deposition solution that combines remote and in-person support.

You know that digital video reveals far more than words on paper, because it allows your jury to see and hear the expressions, tone, and demeanor of witnesses. Our professional transcribers capture every word, gesture, and nuance in an accurate electronic audio-visual record. We can expedite them to you digitally or in hardcopy format, based on your needs.

Virtual mediation.

Bringing together multiple parties for mediation is no problem, even when you’re working remotely. That’s because we connect everyone electronically and produce a clear, accurate audio-visual record. Those who aren’t able to connect from home are invited to use our offices, where sanitized meeting rooms and private break-out rooms can safely accommodate them as part of our hybrid mediation support. And if you require it, our professional transcribers will record every word of every interview in an accurate electronic record. They can also assist you by scheduling meetings, managing foot traffic, assigning breakout rooms, and other services.

Virtual paralegal services.

Working in our well-equipped offices with all the tools they need, our certified paralegals support your requirements remotely and deliver their work products digitally, or in hardcopy, or both. Check in with them via Zoom as often as you need to. Our permanent paralegal staff will help with hearing and deposition scheduling, e-filing, legal research, document organization and indexing, client interviews, estate planning, business formation and amendments, and other paralegal services.

Other virtual services.

In addition to these virtual services, you also have access to online notary services, skilled translators, process servers, trust accountants, document preparation specialists, schedulers, and other law office support from the professionals at Legal Edge Services. All designed to help you work at home productively and conveniently, until you’re ready to come back to the office.

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