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Miami Tech Startups Win Funding

Miami Tech Startups Win Funding for Renewable Energy and Mental Telehealth Ventures Last month we announced that TechStars 2022 had included six South Florida startups for the first time. Techstars connects early-stage startups with funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, Miami Inno has shared additional startup news. This month, [...]

Miami Startups Find Early-Stage Support at Techstars Miami 2022

Miami Startups Invited to 2022 Accelerator Program Six South Florida startups will participate in Techstars Miami 2022. This is the first year Techstars included Miami among the cities recognized as incubators for early-stage ventures. In total, Techstars has helped more than 2,900 tech firms since 2016. Techstars connects early-stage startups with funding, mentoring, and networking [...]

7 Things Attorneys Need When Renting Law Office Space

There are seven things attorneys look for when renting law office space More than half of all attorneys in the U.S. work alone or in small firms, according to a 2020 ABA Legal Technology Survey. More than one-quarter of all practicing attorneys fly solo (26%). Another 30% work in small firms of 2-9 lawyers. For [...]

Four Steps to Better Law Office Security

Law Office Security:  Four Easy Steps to Improve Yours  Solo and small law offices generally lack the resources of larger corporate law firms. One of those resources is “the IT guy.” Information Technology (IT) professionals help keep corporate firms’ sensitive data secure by using various tools, technologies, and techniques. As a solo or smaller firm, [...]

Virtual Attorney Services Power Your Success

How Virtual Attorney Services Power Your Success It doesn't matter whether you work in a small partnership or fly solo. Or work from home or in a shared office.  The fact is, your practice can benefit from having immediate access to professional support. One positive outcome of the pandemic was to help make certain virtual [...]

Five Tools Lawyers Need in 2022

What’s On Your Desk? Five Tools Lawyers Need in 2022 Many professionals are working differently since the pandemic began in 2020. Some retreated to make-shift home offices, never to be seen again. Others worked from home temporarily and have been returning to their offices since late 2021. By now, most have settled permanently wherever they [...]

Attorney Survey Results Infographic

Attorney Survey Results April 20, 2022.  We created the Attorney Survey Results infographic, below, to celebrate Law Day 2022. Held annually on May 1st, Law Day is a national day set aside to celebrate the legal profession. Law Day provides an opportunity to understand how law and the legal process benefit all Americans. They work […]

How Attorneys Handle Incoming Calls

The Phone’s Ringing! (Should We Answer It?) This is part two in a series about marketing your law firm. It’s based on a recent attorney survey conducted by CallRail. In this post we share insights about how attorneys handle incoming calls from prospects and clients. Clients Prefer the Phone When clients contact law firms, almost […]

Marketing Your Law Firm to Generate Leads

How Attorneys Generate Leads This is part one in a series about marketing your law firm. Our first post addresses how attorneys generate new leads. It’s common practice for attorneys to refer clients to other attorneys. One example is when a client case requires a particular field of specialization. Another is when an attorney is […]

Non-billable Administrative Tasks Waste Time

Majority of Attorneys Say Becoming More Efficient is Key to Success There is no disputing the fact that lawyers do too many non-billable administrative tasks and not enough profitable work. The only dispute lies in which survey to believe. In terms of non-billable time, the numbers range from 28% to 48%, based on recent surveys […]