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Our Meeting Services and Travel Support Make Your Life So Much Easier

Our well-appointed meeting space and conference rooms come with a range of meeting services to choose from, according to your needs and preferences.

We also offer travel support, on request, to help our clients make the most of their trips in town and out of town.

Five meeting services for your convenience

One. We can send your meeting invitations, follow-up with phone calls, confirm attendees, and send reminders.

Two. Provide coffee and water, and arrange catering services from snacks to complete meals.

Three. We’ll make sure the room is arranged according to your instructions. On request, we’ll set out pads and pens. And an array of audio-visual tools is available, from easels to white boards to TV screens.

Four. Need handouts? We can print, collate and bind. We’re able to assist with presentation decks, from copywriting to graphics. Including translations, if required.

Five. If you conduct meetings on a routine schedule, we’ll add you to our reservations calendar to guarantee your meeting space and meeting services in advance.

Expert travel support is also available

Our experienced administrative staff are happy to assist with travel support for your meeting, at your option. We can book hotel rooms, reserve cars, arrange airport transfers, and send information. And if you’re headed out of town for a meeting, we can help you with those plans, of course.

Legal Edge Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of office space solutions, meeting space and conference rooms, office and administrative services, and legal support services. All created for your convenience. All designed for your success.

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