7 Things Attorneys Need When Renting Law Office Space

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There are seven things attorneys look for when renting law office space

More than half of all attorneys in the U.S. work alone or in small firms, according to a 2020 ABA Legal Technology Survey. More than one-quarter of all practicing attorneys fly solo (26%). Another 30% work in small firms of 2-9 lawyers. For solo practitioners especially, renting law office space that’s right for them can be challenging.

Legal Edge Services provides private law offices at five convenient locations in South Florida, and because we cater to attorneys, we know what they look for when renting law office space. Here are the seven top preferences.

Private space in a boutique environment

Attorneys who come to us would rather not be among 50 to 60 other solo attorneys sharing a sprawling, noisy executive suite. Instead, they prefer to be able to choose private law office space at our boutique locations, which offer between 18 and 22 private offices and a quiet work environment. Every office has its own private key so it can be locked at will. Private offices are available with or without views, in different sizes and configurations, with clean, modern, comfortable office furniture. And every Legal Edge Services team member understands the importance of confidentiality and privacy in a law office.

Locations that deliver

Our Class A buildings range from high-rises with city vistas to low-rises with garden views. Each provides a prestigious business address for business cards, stationery, forms, and other lawyerly needs. Garage and street parking are available for attorneys and clients. Every Legal Edge Services location is convenient and close to local amenities, and most are near a city or county courthouse. Building lobbies are spotlessly maintained, creating an excellent impression for clients and guests.

Paralegal services

Renting law office space is just the beginning. Because most attorneys require law office support services in order to function efficiently and bill productively. Legal Edge Services paralegals are certified and are part of our permanent, full-time, inhouse staff. They provide knowledgeable legal assistance, research, writing, document preparation, case file analysis, and other support when you need it. And you pay only for the time you use.

Court reporting, deposition and mediation support

When attorneys need court reporters and other professional legal support, most would rather have it available at their fingertips, onsite. Our certified court reporters are also part of our permanent, full-time, inhouse staff, along with deposition and mediation support, and transcription and translation services.

Private meeting rooms

Every attorney requires meeting space. Some more frequently than others. Each of our locations offers a selection of private meeting rooms for interviews, client conferences, depositions, and mediations, with separate, private breakout rooms. Videoconferencing is available along with other meeting services.

Proximity to fellow attorneys

The attorney referral network is vast and informal and is driven primarily by legal specializations. Most attorneys refer clients to each other when they don’t specialize in the area of law a client requires. Some provide referrals during vacations or lengthy cases. Renting law office space in the same office environment with other attorneys enables you to get to know them personally, which makes for a better referral basis.

Creature comforts

In addition to private law office space, certain amenities make a workplace more comfortable, starting with a fully equipped kitchen. Each of our locations also features a welcoming reception and waiting area, with clients and guests greeted by friendly, bilingual receptionists. Other conveniences include a private mailroom with keyed 24/7 access, complete mail services, and a comprehensive array of other office services. At the end of the day, creature comforts can be every bit as important as productive workspace.


Renting law office space that is private, quiet, and comfortable is just the beginning for most attorneys. Legal support services and professional office services are what keeps a law office running smoothly each day. Having services available as needed, from inhouse staff, billed by usage, ensures a productive and efficient law practice. To explore these options further, or for a private tour, contact the professionals at Legal Edge Services.