Legal Research

Legal Research

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Legal research services are an important part of any law practice. Unfortunately, research is also time-consuming. That’s why clients welcome the expert research services of our Legal Edge Services team, led by our certified paralegals.

According to Cornell University Law School, one of the primary uses for legal research is to find authoritative sources that can help you find a solution to a specific legal problem. In other words, when you have case law and precedents in your corner you’re not in the ring alone.

Primary authorities are the rules of law that are binding upon courts, government, and individuals. Examples include statutes, regulations, court orders, and court decisions.

Secondary authorities are relevant comments about the law. And, although they have no binding effect, comments can aid in explaining what the law is or should be.

Our certified paralegals conduct thorough legal research using both sources, and document all sources and references.

The resources available to researchers in their search for legal authority are enormous and complex. Resources may include paper, film, and electronic or digital records, for example. In addition, some resources are indexed well, while others are not. For these reasons, many law schools require law students to take classes in legal research.  Paralegals are also trained in legal research skills, and our certified paralegals are no exception.

Legal research services from Legal Edge Services reflect our ability to access a wide array of primary and secondary sources. For example, these may include legal encyclopedias, treatises, American Law Reports, law reviews, legal periodicals, and various other authorities.

To get the most from these different resources, our legal research services team brings years of experience and analytical thinking to every project. As a result, you can count on our research to be thorough, on target, and on time.

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Want to learn more about legal research? Check out the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.


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