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Expert Payables Management and Payroll Services

Payables management services are just as important as billing and receivables management, and vital to ensuring that your credit rating remains sound.

Just as you need to know that your legal billing is going out on time and revenue is coming in, you also need to be sure your suppliers and service providers are being paid.

Are your payables current? Accurate?  Have you overlooked any invoices? Are you optimizing your payment schedule? Are you reconciling routinely?

These concerns can distract you from your core business, and also consume an inordinate amount of time. Which can impact your billable hours. But with Legal Edge Services as your partner, you can turn these concerns over to our skilled, experienced legal accountants.

Sample of our payables management services:

  • Establishing payment schedules for vendors and employees
  • Preparing checks and other payment methodologies
  • Charging expenses to accounts by analyzing source documents
  • Monitoring payment discount opportunities
  • Verifying federal ID numbers
  • Resolving purchase order, contract, invoice, or payment discrepancies
  • Reporting sales taxes by calculating requirements on paid invoices
  • Maintaining complete, accurate and auditable records
  • Performing all tasks in strictest confidence

We also provide payroll services

In addition to payables management services, we also offer payroll services for our clients. Following is a sampling of those services.

  • Complete payroll processing for your employees
  • Accounting, tracking and payment of payroll taxes
  • Compliant payroll reporting and filing
  • Annual W-2 documents
  • Accurate and auditable records
  • Total confidentiality maintained at all times

To learn more about our solutions and how they can help your legal practice, or to request an office tour, call us at 305.728.5300 or email us at Info@LegalEdgeServices.com.