Depositions / Mediation

Deposition and Mediation Services

Let Our Experts Handle the Details

Deposition and mediation services from Legal Edge Services ensure that your logistics are handled professionally. As a result, you are free to manage the mediation and deposition activities that matter most.

Our court reporters are professional and experienced. They produce accurate, cost-effective records in a timely fashion. Which means you receive the highest quality audio and video records and transcripts. And they can be done in your offices, at our offices, or in another location.

In-Person, Remote, or Hybrid Depositions – The Choice is Yours

Deposition services from Legal Edge provide exceptional convenience and flexibility. We offer fully in-person, fully remote, and a hybrid deposition solution that blends the best of both. And of course all of our deposition solutions deliver the same high level of service, quality, and value. So you can choose the approach that works best for you and your clients.

Outstanding Support for Your Depositions and Mediations

Many clients still prefer to conduct their depositions and mediation meetings at our offices. That’s because our conference rooms and day offices are easy to get to. And they’re located in prestigious Class A office buildings at strategic locations. Along with ample parking and amenities.

Each of our locations provides notary public services, too. As well as transcription services and multilingual translation services. And each location offers a choice of conference rooms and break out offices of various sizes.

Example of small interior conference room at Legal Edge Services

In addition to the flexibility of hybrid depositions, or the advantages of remote or in-person meetings, scheduling your deposition or mediation with Legal Edge Services couldn’t be simpler. Contact us by phone or email, and our professional staff will do the rest.

What You Get With Our Deposition and Mediation Services

We handle all the logistical details for your deposition or mediation, including:

  • Coordinating availability with all parties
  • Securing an appropriate location (our offices, your offices, another location, remote, or a combination)
  • Ensuring availability of all necessary equipment and tools
  • Sending notices to all parties
  • Scheduling digital court reporting services, transcription services, or translation services
  • Acquiring any additional legal support services or administrative services
  • Ensuring all services are delivered as required
  • Coordinating client billing

Schedule Your Event Today

If you need to schedule Court Reporting, Deposition, or Mediation services, please send an email to or call us at 305.728.5300.

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