Florida Registered Agent

Registered agent serviecs include accepting legal mail on your behalf

These Businesses Require a Florida Registered Agent

Florida requires a registered agent and a registered office for every corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and limited partnership operating in Florida. Your business may be a domestic entity, meaning that it is organized in Florida. Or it may be a foreign entity, organized in another state, territory, or country but intending to conduct business in Florida.

Every state requires all corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) to have a registered agent, with the exception of New York. In states other than Florida, a registered agent may be called a statutory agent or an agent for service of process.

Benefits of Registered Agent Services for Your Business

Florida registered agent services provide many benefits. For example, as your registered agent, Legal Edge Services is able to accept certain mail on behalf of your business. That mail may include business, legal, and government documents, such as:

  • Summons and subpoenas. In the event your business is sued, legal documents issued by the court will be served to your registered agent, delivered by hand as required by law, in order to notify you of pending legal action. Many other legal documents are also delivered to registered agents of record.
  • Government forms. Official government documents, such as business registration renewal forms and tax notifications, are also delivered to your registered agent.

By engaging a registered agent of record, you clearly acknowledge your desire to work within the Florida legal system, enabling legal mail, court documents, and government forms and correspondence to be delivered, tracked, and confirmed.

Choose Your Registered Agent Carefully

For new businesses in Florida, a Florida registered agent must be chosen before you file your business formation paperwork. Failure to designate a registered agent of record, or engaging the services of a questionable or unproven agent, can bring undue attention to your business. It can create obstacles in establishing your business. Additionally, it can have negative consequences up to and including the suspension of your right to operate in Florida.

Registered agents must meet two primary requirements.  First, you must have a physical address to which mail can be delivered. Second, that address must be open for business during normal business hours to accept mail delivery.

While there is nothing to stop you from serving as your own registered agent, sound business practice suggests hiring a bona fide registered agent.

Why Not to Act as Your Own Registered Agent

Availability. Your registered agent must always be available during regular business hours to receive official correspondence. It may be delivered by mail or courier, or in person as required for summons and subpoenas. Appointing yourself or a company employee can backfire if you are not available to accept documents.

Privacy. Your registered agent name, address, and other information is a matter of public record, and therefore accessible. If you are operating your business from home, you shouldn’t publicize your home address as a business address, for privacy reasons. (This is also a compelling reason to use a professional business address for your business, rather than your home address or a P.O. box.)

Sensitivity. Choosing a registered agent requires an appreciation for the sensitive nature of this work. You certainly don’t want clients or prospective customers to witness you being served with legal documents. Especially not summons or subpoenas to appear in court. It’s none of their business.

Expense. Engaging a Florida registered agent is a minor expense, generally between $75 and $150 per year. This is a very small price to pay to receive guaranteed service without potential service violations. Avoid the temptation to save a few dollars; the risks aren’t worth it.

For Reliable, Cost-Effective Registered Agent Services

At Legal Edge Services, we have more than 20 years of experience serving numerous clients who use our registered agent services. We have mastered the art of providing reliable, expert Florida registered agent services for attorneys and other businesses. We also provide furnished law office space, conference rooms and mediation breakout rooms, and certified paralegals and court reporters. Our permanent inhouse staff provide support in every South Florida location, and they are dedicated to your service and your success.