Why Attorneys Need Live Receptionist Services

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Live receptionist services make sense for so many reasons, whether you’re a solo attorney, a small law office, or an enterprise law firm.

The Do It Yourself Trap

It’s a well-known fact that many attorneys, especially in solo and small firms, try to do a lot of non-attorney tasks themselves, thinking it will save time or money.

Whether it’s doing your own bookkeeping, your own copying and filing, or your own call management, the task you think you can complete in an hour takes twice that long. Then, you get interrupted by legal work and have to retrace your steps when you return to the clerical task.

This trap is common, and understandable. It’s also avoidable, without costing you additional time or money.

Avoiding the Trap

Receptionist services are a good example. Whether you live-answer your incoming calls or let them go to voicemail so you can screen and prioritize them, answering your own calls doesn’t create a professional image of a busy law office.

The impression you want to present is of an office that is professional, client-centric, active, and therefore successful.

Professional Extension of Your Practice

Live receptionist services are a professional extension of your practice. And your clients will never know that your live receptionist isn’t a full-time, permanent employee in your office.

Bilingual receptions can deftly answer calls in English and Spanish. Services can range from 24/7 live call answering, call screening, and message-taking to warm call transfers and call connections made worldwide. After hours, your phone messages can be texted to you securely.

And you’ll enjoy a savings of 25% or more over conventional call answering services.

Live Receptionist Services Add More Value

Live receptionists can do far more for your practice than simply answer your phone, however. They can provide responsive support for inbound sales and client service calls, place professional follow-up phone calls, schedule appointments and follow up, and complete new client intake forms. With all services customizable to meet your individual needs.

Service Anywhere You Are

Your practice, partnership, or enterprise law firm can be located anywhere, because our live receptionists provide their services virtually, from our offices rather than yours. These services enable you to get back to the business of practicing law, optimizing your billable hours, and developing your client base.

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