Certified Paralegals On Demand, Not on Payroll

Legal Edge Services

Certified Paralegals Enhance Your Practice and Improve Your Productivity

Working as an attorney can be very challenging. There are times when your case load demands the full range of law office support. And other times when all that support isn’t necessary. That’s why it makes sense to hire certified paralegals on an as-needed basis, rather than on permanent full-time staff.

The best solution for finding certified paralegals, when and where you need them, is to contact Legal Edge Services. With four offices in Miami-Dade and Broward, we can support you when and where you need it.

How It Works

Having the flexibility to hire certified paralegals when and where you need them is the ultimate in convenience and cost-efficiency. You simply determine what you need a paralegal to do for you and communicate those requirements to Legal Edge Services. Our paralegals provide legal research, legal writing, document preparation, case file analysis, and much more.

You don’t need to recruit, interview, or hire permanent paralegals to get your work done. Because we have experienced certified paralegals available on our own permanent staff—exclusively for the convenience of attorneys like you.

Other Support Services

From time to time you may also need access to a notary public, translator, or court reporter. Or to a legal bookkeeper, trust accountant, or other law office support professional.

We understand the support that attorneys need in order to function at a high degree of productivity. And with our long-time commitment to quality and timeliness, we have an outstanding record of success in providing that support.

Try Us and Prove It To Yourself

Call us, email us, or contact us to see how easy it is to find experienced, certified paralegals. Exactly when, and where, you need them. We promise that once you’ve used our services, you’ll look forward to using them again.