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Virtual Attorney Services Power Your Success

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How Virtual Attorney Services Power Your Success

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a small partnership or fly solo. Or work from home or in a shared office.  The fact is, your practice can benefit from having immediate access to professional support.

One positive outcome of the pandemic was to help make certain virtual services legally acceptable, as well as convenient. As a result, virtual attorney services like those summarized below can help power your success, today and tomorrow.

Virtual court reporting

Our certified court reporters are available virtually for your convenience.  They’ll connect with you and your other required parties electronically.  Transcribe your legal proceedings accurately. And capture digital audio and video records that are clear and cost-effective. Need a hybrid solution? No problem. We offer court reporting that combines remote and in-person support.

Virtual paralegal services

Our certified paralegals work permanently in our offices. They have all the tools they need to assist you professionally and expertly. First, they’ll support your requirements virtually (i.e., remotely).  Then, they’ll deliver their work products digitally for the ultimate convenience. (Hardcopies also available.)  At any time, you can meet with them via Zoom to get updates and provide direction. Need hearing and deposition scheduling?  Our paralegals can help.  They can also assist with e-filing, document organization, and legal research. Plus estate planning and business formation and amendments. And plenty more. 

Virtual depositions

Now, you have the flexibility to depose individuals anywhere, anytime, with complete confidence. That’s because our communication technologies are interactive, effective, and at your fingertips. We offer Zoom, MS Teams, and other teleconferencing tools. And professional transcribers who will capture every word, gesture, and nuance of your interviews. You’ll promptly receive accurate, electronic AV records in digital or hardcopy form. And if you need them faster, it’s no problem. We’ll expedite your records on request.

Virtual mediation

We also specialize in bringing together multiple parties, regardless of their locations. How? By connecting everyone electronically, of course. Parties who aren’t able to connect remotely can use our offices. Our professional transcribers can be on hand to record every word of every interview, at your request. They’ll deliver clear, accurate audio-visual records starting at just $4 per page.  In addition, they can help by scheduling meetings and breakout rooms for you.

Legal Edge Services has consistently been recognized for delivering the virtual services attorneys need. In fact, we were named Best Virtual Office Services in 2019, 2020, and 2021.  Want to learn more about our virtual attorney services and how they can add value to your practice and power your success? Call us at 305.728.5300 or email us at Info@LegalEdgeServices.com.

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