Outsourcing Mail Services Lets You Focus on the Work that Really Counts

Legal Edge Services

Core legal work and billable hours can suffer unless you are outsourcing mail services to mailing support professionals.

Enterprise law firms have mailrooms and staff to sort, distribute, and collect mail. However, solo and small law firms often have to perform these tasks personally. This can be time-consuming and take you away from the work that really counts. Like business development efforts. Making sure every client has a great experience. And building your referral network.

If you are using a P. O. Box at the local post office, shifting to a private mailbox in a prestigious office building will give you a professional address and suite number. If you currently work at home, it will help keep your home address secure and private.

List of Mail Services Available

Following are some of the mail services that can be outsourced to office professionals—so that you can focus on the work that really counts:

  • Assignment of secure, private, keyed mailbox in choice of sizes
  • Incoming mail received, sorted, treated with hospital-grade sanitary fogging
  • Mail opened, date stamped, logged, copies made
  • Immediate alerts to urgent mail
  • Important or urgent mail read to you by phone
  • Incoming mail bundled and delivered to you curbside
  • Documents translated
  • Audio-formatted material transcribed
  • Documents notarized
  • Incoming boxes and packages accepted and signed for
  • Daily outgoing mail collected, presorted, postage applied, mailed
  • Processing of overnight, second day, and other priority mail
  • Liaising with postal and shipping services on your behalf

When you begin outsourcing mail services for your law firm, you’ll reap several important benefits. You’ll enhance your professional image with a better business address. You’ll shift routine daily clerical tasks to more appropriate office staff. And that means you’ll be free to focus on the work that really counts.