Strategies to Thrive Before, During, and After Conferences

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1. Preparation: Setting the Stage for Success

The value of conferences in developing new business is tried and true. However, your conference journey begins long before you step foot on the venue grounds. The more meticulously you prepare, the more fruitful your conference leads will be. A powerful tactic to secure a spot in the minds of fellow attendees is establishing yourself as a leader in your field. Collaborate with your marketing team or PR experts to publish relevant content leading up to the event. Focus on outlets that cater to the conference audience, solidifying your position as an industry expert.

Leveraging your contact list adds enormous value to a conference. Craft a schedule of targeted email blasts to your contacts and clients, commencing a month before the conference. Share your expertise and highlight your capacity to assist clients. For exhibitors or speakers, provide details about your presence at the event. As the conference draws near, send out two to three reminders about your attendance and ways to connect.

2. Crafting Success During the Conference

With limited time at hand, meticulous planning is essential for a successful conference experience. Thoroughly review the event schedule, marking sessions, and networking events you wish to attend. Attend conference networking events and engage with as many attendees as possible. If networking isn’t your forte, team up with a colleague skilled in this area. Their adeptness can spark conversations, allowing you to seamlessly join in when the discussion becomes more intricate.

If you’re speaking at the conference, make sure the word is out before and during the event. Seek out key individuals you’ve identified for interaction with an eye to developing new business. Collect business cards and, for future reference, jot down notes on the back—details of the conversation, their expertise, or potential needs. Even personal tidbits, like congratulating them on personal achievements, create lasting connections.

3. Post-Conference Momentum: Transforming Leads into Clients

Once you’re back from the conference, your follow-up strategy will determine the true value of the conference in developing new business. Classify leads based on their priority or industry, creating a structured system for tracking and follow-ups. Collaborate with your marketing team to optimize your CRM or contact management system for storing valuable information about the individuals you met.

A robust CRM platform is an asset for lead management. Effective data management is the linchpin, as it ensures the accuracy and relevancy of your interactions. Accurate and consistent data maintenance is crucial for fruitful results. If you lack inhouse resources, engage a qualified professional team to handle these tasks.

Initiate contact with every individual you connected with during the conference. Inject a bit of information from your encounter and offer something valuable to them. Send a thank-you email and follow up with a phone call a few days later. Transforming a conference lead into new business requires a proactive approach. Highlight your ability to assist, but also employ the assistance of a strong closer if needed. A well-rounded team thrives on diverse strengths and qualities.

The Ongoing Value of Conferences in Developing New Business

Before you pack your bags for the next conference, embark on a journey of strategic planning. Outline the content you’ll share, the connections you’ll forge, the conference leads you’ll generate, and the new business you’ll develop. And remember, success doesn’t solely depend on the professional aspect—unwind a bit and explore the after-party scene. With these strategies, you’re certain to prove the ongoing value of conferences in developing new business for your law practice.