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Terms and Conditions of Our Service

Our terms and conditions vary depending on the type of office space, type of legal support services, and type of office or administrative services you request. Your proposal will be customized to reflect your specific needs, and will include all applicable terms for your review and acceptance prior to closing.

As an example, turn-key law office space generally requires a security deposit and first and last month’s rent in advance. We have many different sizes and configurations of office space, and rents may differ accordingly. For instance, a large corner office will command higher rent than a smaller interior office. Different individuals have different needs and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all.

For services, a one-time set-up fee generally applies. A deposit may also apply, depending on the services requested. We offer many different services, available bundled or a la carte, and therefore billing may range from monthly fees to hourly rates or even per-minute rates.

At any time during your contract, we realize that your needs may change, and we will do our best to accommodate you. For example, if you require a larger or smaller office, we will work with you subject to availability. If appropriate, a new contract with terms and conditions may be executed. We maintain a wait list as needed.

Monthly Invoicing Terms

Invoices are issued monthly and are due on the first, with a 10-day grace period. Late fees apply to payments received after the tenth. Payment methods include automatic credit card deductions, manual checks, automatic funds transfers and bank drafts. If you require some other arrangement, we’re open to discussing it.

Promotional Rates and Referral Fees

We occasionally offer promotional rates to attract new clients, and those promotions apply only to new clients. In addition, we pay referral fees to clients who refer new business to us. Please ask one of our Sales or Service Managers for details. We can be reached by phone during normal business hours at 305.728.5300.

Please also feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

We appreciate your interest in Legal Edge Services, and look forward to assisting you.